Episode 115 - Skullduggery In The Beer Aisle

Mikey, Jarrod, and Bill taste Fathead's Trailhead Pale, MadTree's PsycHOPathy IPA, and The Guardian's The Rez IPA, and discuss the merits of saying no vs. saying maybe, Easter egg hunt tricks and tactics, brewing beer with fruit, avoiding birthdays, skullduggery in the beer aisle, the excitement of a new beer becoming available in your market, Jarrod and Aaron's drunken Knoxville pool adventure, putting your creative process on display, when your wife gets drunk with your ex-wife, how Mikey got Jarrod fat, Mikey creates a new mixed drink: the Palindrome, sandwich beers, Jarrod tries to ransom Ty, Mikey puts a price on ending the BPTM, and more!

Episode 114 - Purmple Muffets

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, and Vinny taste Old Firehouse Brewery's Pinup Girl, Moeller Brew Barn's Honeywagon IPA, and Latitude 42's Lucifer's Cuvee and discuss downtown development, the changing music scene, hair catching fire, Minnow the unkillable cat and his Lazurus Pit, Mikey gets paid overtime—AGAIN--and gets invited to a wedding, Dan Ackroyd's wedding RSVP, Maid Rite sandwiches, mispronouncing common words, meeting Lou Ferrigno, Howdy Doody, Ned Flanders, & Mikey's dad, what a cuvée is, how incredibly important it is to talk to your older relatives and get the stories that create the tapestry of your lives while they're still here, and how hard it can be to do that sometimes.

Episode 113 - Mikey Mason Don't Sleep In No Car

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, Vinny, Joel, and Ty taste Rivertown's Nice Melons, Tomoka's Oceanside, and Funky Buddha's More Moro, while discussing burlesque shows, the death of a friend, the ideal regular customer at a bar, get a KISStory lesson, flesh tone paint, Florida's cultural divides, overtime for comedians, drinking locally, spiders, centipedes, Jarrod's propensity to be naked, cancelled reality shows, “the it is,” S-Town, the deep inner reason behind the BPTM show, and more.

Episode 110 - Circus Peanuts, Carnie Beer, and Balloons

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, Vinny, and Ty taste Lake Louie's Maple Surple, Short's Brewing Good Humans, and Arcadia's Loch Down Scotch Ale while discussing comedy emcees, the business of recruiting for a beer festival, trash-picking porn dvds, circus peanuts, the great Dollar Tree balloon debacle, Ty's circus balloon archery story, and we get a call from our old friend Doctor Romulus.

Episode 107 - Don't Tell Anyone You Saw Me Naked

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, and Ty taste Yellow Springs' Zoetic, Fat Head's Sunshine Daydream, and Four Day Ray's Track Jumper, while talking about onion milk, Jarrod's bad strawberry milk Jesus experience, seeing someone naked, Jarrod's bad movie experience, Jarrod's bad dog owner experience, Mikey's demotion to Archduke of White Trash, Ty's pubcrawl weekend, Mikey's new game show, dwelling on minor embarrassments, whether toast crumbs are toast or not, movies and TV shows from our youth that don't hold up, and more!

Episode 101 - John Stamos and Bukkake

Mikey, Bill, Jarrod, and Jody taste Ridgeway Brewing's Bad Elf and Criminally Bad Elf, and Taxman's Holiday, while discussing, VHS videocassettes, little things that pull you out of your immersion in a movie or TV show, Deja Vu, drunk posting on social media, Elvis Presley, Graceland, John Stamos, Cards Against Humanity, bukkake, and what ruins games like Cards Against Humanity.

Episode 097 - Happy Whatever

Mikey, Randy, and Ty taste Against The Grain's Bloody Show and 35K, and Deschutes' Hop Trip while celebrating the anniversary of the first episode of the first run of the BPTM. They discuss how Todd is the BPTM Elijah, a prize for a Patreon supporter, the history behind the beer culture in Muncie, IN, Hamilton vs FreeBird, asshat drivers, how long 30 seconds is, Vice-President-elect Mike Pence at a Colts game, Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays, their favorite Christmas songs, the first Christmas song from our Robot Overlords, male privilege and online comment sections, and send out a call for folks to call the Drunk Dial Hotline [(765) 753-2786] and sing a Cure song to Ty!