Episode 080 - My Spirit Animal is A Toddler

Mikey and Jody taste Leaky Roof's High Dry and Dusty, B Cider's The Dude's Rug, and Ommegang's Rosetta while Jody's “favorite product” curse, cats, listener feedback, the Drunk Dial Hotline, the mistake of looking up pictures of the voices of your favorite podcasts, Dr. Demento, Timehop, Geocentric memories, Slim Jims, toddler tantrums, pies, paying for sex, and other things...

Episode 062 - Let's Hear It For The Troops!

Mikey, Randy, Vinny, and Ty taste Cigar City's Old Man Olde Ale, Sweetwater's 19 Golden Belgian Style Ale, and Cigar City's Florida Man IIPA while discussing shortcuts comedians use, Huey Lewis, KISS, Jody, Vinny and Jack's birthdays, Ty's butt hurt over not being wished a happy birthday, challenge coins, how to deal with a cat that hates you, bad parenting, Stan Lee, approaching celebrities, and draw a winner for the acrylic, 8"x10" Stitch painting.