Episode 130 - Big Wheels and Casual Racism

Mikey, Randy, and Vinny taste Triton's Barn Phantom Mango Gose, Short's Strawberry Shorts Cake, and Alltech's Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout and discussing getting older, adult riding bicycles and playing kickball, dealing with our parents, an unwieldy social media post, casual racism, moonshine, getting drunk in weird places, and the sometimes horrible after-effects of doing so.

Episode 129 - Completely Nekkid

Mikey, Randy, Vinny, and Jody taste Brew Link's Ivory Stout, Guardian Brewing Co.'s Frank The Tank, and Lagunitas' Cappuccino Stout while baring it all: discussing nudity and related topics, starting with Mikey's recent performance at a nude resort.
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Episode 126 - The 5 Stages of Drunkenness

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, and Ty taste Rhinegeist's Peach Dodo, Truth, and Knowledge while discussing how to paint a room, our personal five stages of drunkenness, vasectomies, BPTM Fest, drugs, being under anesthetic, playing “Would You Rather?,” and how to know when relationships are over.
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Episode 125 - Fat Daughtry and the Druncle

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, and Jody taste Mortal Kombat Raiden, Jackie O's Berliner Weisse, and Intuition's Easy On The Eyes while discussing Fear the Con 10, Pretty Princess hats, huge pizzas, Randy's eBay fiasco, the passing of a playhouse, drunken white girl karaoke thanks, Disney World, lenient police officers, and the Druncle!

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Episode 124 – This Is My Day Son. F*** Off.

Mikey, Traci. Vinny, and Ty taste Knee Deep's Stoutella, Shoreline's Beltaine, and Four Father's Linea Delta-1, while discussing Father's Day, the four or five things that you are allowed to dip sausage in, Mikey's last day at work, Vinnie's tendency to get way too drunk when working with Mikey, weird regional soda flavors, hop flavors vs cilantro and parmesan cheese, Vinnie's deviant septum, naming your little brother after a TV show character, TV members seeming part of your family, stealing stuff, babies tasting lemons, teasing children, tormenting people with plastic bugs, and a racist horse story that's actually about a spider. Sort of.
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Episode 118 - I Love You Honey But I Wanna Hang With Dick

In this HUGE hour-and-a-half episode, Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, Vinny, and Ty taste St. Joseph's Two and Two Beglian Quad, Basket Case's You Chinook Me All Night Long IPA, and Salt Creek's Bourbon Vanilla Bean Stout while discussing KISStory, internet arguments, taking things personally, adventures in yurt camping, locally grown hops, parent is the operative word in step parent, drinking with your newly-21 year old, mowing the lawn, our defining question (“Would you buy a pint of this?”,) identity theft, getting paid by check, and just getting paid.

Episode 115 - Skullduggery In The Beer Aisle

Mikey, Jarrod, and Bill taste Fathead's Trailhead Pale, MadTree's PsycHOPathy IPA, and The Guardian's The Rez IPA, and discuss the merits of saying no vs. saying maybe, Easter egg hunt tricks and tactics, brewing beer with fruit, avoiding birthdays, skullduggery in the beer aisle, the excitement of a new beer becoming available in your market, Jarrod and Aaron's drunken Knoxville pool adventure, putting your creative process on display, when your wife gets drunk with your ex-wife, how Mikey got Jarrod fat, Mikey creates a new mixed drink: the Palindrome, sandwich beers, Jarrod tries to ransom Ty, Mikey puts a price on ending the BPTM, and more!

Episode 114 - Purmple Muffets

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, and Vinny taste Old Firehouse Brewery's Pinup Girl, Moeller Brew Barn's Honeywagon IPA, and Latitude 42's Lucifer's Cuvee and discuss downtown development, the changing music scene, hair catching fire, Minnow the unkillable cat and his Lazurus Pit, Mikey gets paid overtime—AGAIN--and gets invited to a wedding, Dan Ackroyd's wedding RSVP, Maid Rite sandwiches, mispronouncing common words, meeting Lou Ferrigno, Howdy Doody, Ned Flanders, & Mikey's dad, what a cuvée is, how incredibly important it is to talk to your older relatives and get the stories that create the tapestry of your lives while they're still here, and how hard it can be to do that sometimes.

Episode 113 - Mikey Mason Don't Sleep In No Car

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, Vinny, Joel, and Ty taste Rivertown's Nice Melons, Tomoka's Oceanside, and Funky Buddha's More Moro, while discussing burlesque shows, the death of a friend, the ideal regular customer at a bar, get a KISStory lesson, flesh tone paint, Florida's cultural divides, overtime for comedians, drinking locally, spiders, centipedes, Jarrod's propensity to be naked, cancelled reality shows, “the it is,” S-Town, the deep inner reason behind the BPTM show, and more.