Episode 107 - Don't Tell Anyone You Saw Me Naked

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, and Ty taste Yellow Springs' Zoetic, Fat Head's Sunshine Daydream, and Four Day Ray's Track Jumper, while talking about onion milk, Jarrod's bad strawberry milk Jesus experience, seeing someone naked, Jarrod's bad movie experience, Jarrod's bad dog owner experience, Mikey's demotion to Archduke of White Trash, Ty's pubcrawl weekend, Mikey's new game show, dwelling on minor embarrassments, whether toast crumbs are toast or not, movies and TV shows from our youth that don't hold up, and more!

Episode 101 - John Stamos and Bukkake

Mikey, Bill, Jarrod, and Jody taste Ridgeway Brewing's Bad Elf and Criminally Bad Elf, and Taxman's Holiday, while discussing, VHS videocassettes, little things that pull you out of your immersion in a movie or TV show, Deja Vu, drunk posting on social media, Elvis Presley, Graceland, John Stamos, Cards Against Humanity, bukkake, and what ruins games like Cards Against Humanity.

Episode 097 - Happy Whatever

Mikey, Randy, and Ty taste Against The Grain's Bloody Show and 35K, and Deschutes' Hop Trip while celebrating the anniversary of the first episode of the first run of the BPTM. They discuss how Todd is the BPTM Elijah, a prize for a Patreon supporter, the history behind the beer culture in Muncie, IN, Hamilton vs FreeBird, asshat drivers, how long 30 seconds is, Vice-President-elect Mike Pence at a Colts game, Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays, their favorite Christmas songs, the first Christmas song from our Robot Overlords, male privilege and online comment sections, and send out a call for folks to call the Drunk Dial Hotline [(765) 753-2786] and sing a Cure song to Ty!



Episode 096 - The Hills We're (Supposably [sic]) Willing To Die On

Mikey, Randy, Vinny, and Jarrod taste Highland's Cold Mountain Winter Ale, Ayinger's Celebrator, and Clown Shoes' Pecan Pie Porter and wish a happy birthday to Ty (and Mikey) while discussing the pronunciation (and mispronunciation) of caramel , songs and albums we can't (or don't) listen to anymore (and why,) and more all while fielding an enormous number of Drunk Dial Hotline calls.

photograph by Jarrod Case

photograph by Jarrod Case

Episode 094 - I Hate The Future

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, and Ty taste Scarlet Lane's Tiberius IIPA, Dogfishhead's Beer to Drink Music To, and Upland's Barrel Chested Barleywine while discussing new local breweries, watching movies with our kids, rare bonding moments with our fathers and father figures, all while listening to Ty get savaged via the Drunk Dial Hotline and with new That's So Ty and That's So Jared segments.

Episode 093 - Mortal Kombat

Mikey, Randy, and Ty taste Global Beverages Mortal Combat X beers: Scorpion Imperial Stout, Raiden Imperial Saison, and Sub-Zero IIPA, while discussing PandoraCon, the election results, riots, cysts and tumors, Muncie breweries (Guardian and Elm Street,) wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see, seeing old friends, Euchre, reliving older (kinda crappy) beers, and many other subjects...