Episode 008 - Skittle Brau and the Penny Beer Night Experience

Mikey, Chris, and Buff taste fruit beers (Upland/Jolly Pumpkin's Persimmon Ship (collaboration,) Wild Wolf's Area 151 (w/ Blackberries,) and Wild Wolf's Strawberry Schwarzcake) and discuss why they didn't record at the Heorot as planned this week,  the new segment “Mikey States The Obvious,” and the first beers Chris and Buff ever tasted. They relive the college Penny Beer Night experience and “Skittle-Brau” and Buff is praised for calling Mikey out on some sexist bullshit.

They discuss the death of Internet Explorer, the over/under debate on toilet paper, the death of a ninja turtle, and which comics character they would kill off if they could be guaranteed that character would never return in any incarnation or iteration. They travel back to May of 1984, exploring--among other things--the KKK's endorsement of President Reagan, the New Orleans World's Fair (going off on a tangent that includes TMBG, Elvis, robot dogs, and a Muncie World's Fair?,) Nixon breaking his media silence, the birth of the laptop computer, and Andy Kaufman's death, and smoking bans. Chris recalls peeing on Freddy Krueger's grave, Mikey recalls learning visual BASIC and how his dad prevented him from being a tech geek, and Buff recounts the adventures of Aftershock Man (and his nemesis Blackout Man.)