Episode 002 - Randy's Bodyguard, Rube Goldberg

Mikey, Ty and Randy taste Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose, New Glarus Brewing’s Strawberry Rhubarb, and Rogue Brewing’s Voodoo Doughnut Pretzel Raspberry & Chocolate ale.

Opening banter includes baby talk, Daniel Radcliffe’s penis, how many Shades of Grey they’ve personally participated in, Jon Stewart’s retirement from The Daily Show, and the most trusted celebrities in the US, before they travel back and discuss January of 1999. Ty talks about his Star Trek Halloween fetish, including spending one Halloween in blackface with a banana clip across his eyes, Randy getting beat up at work and his workplace Rube Goldbergian-Equalizer who “handled” his harassment, why Mikey doesn’t follow Adam Baldwin on Twitter, Mikey picks (and loses) a fight (repeatedly,) Randy’s schoolyard ass-whippings, and Ty’s only fistfight in his whole life.