Episode 007 - Grudge Water and the Hate-Filled Bratwurst

Ty's Badass Dad and Mom watch on in awe as Mikey, Kathy, and Ty taste Smartmouth's Alter Ego Farmhouse Saison, De Proefbrouwerij's Prearis Quadrupel, and Deschutes' Hop Henge Experimental IPA. They discuss blacksmithing (Skyrim is bullshit,) shooting your friend for giving you the wrong beer, and the importance of remembering where you put your lottery tickets. In celebration of the 4th anniversary of Mikey's career-altering song/video She Don't Like Firefly they travel back to September of 2002—the month Firefly premiered. Ty tells a story of hate-filled bratwurst (and they create an urban legend about “grudge water,”) Mikey tells the long, convoluted story of of how he was introduced to Firefly (and introduces Kathy to the term Browncoat,) and Kathy recounts the time her father accidentally set some cars and a telephone pole on fire AND when he very nearly taught her to ride a motorcycle (but failed to cover left turns.)

Also mentioned in the episode, the awesome: Therefore I Geek blog (and by proxy, the Therefore I Geek podcast! Listen!)