Episode 084 - The Pop Tart Story

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, and Ty taste Black Acre Brewing's Natural Liberty American Pale Lager, and Fiddlehead Brewing's Mastermind IIPA.
In this episode Randy gets a new nickname, we learn the meanings of the euphamisms “I have Ty's email” and “I ate Ty's Pop Tarts,” and they discuss gas shortages, Muncie's Beer Fest, the secret origin of The Secret Origins of the Robot Holidays, Von Trapp's Dunkle Lager, cheering for laundry, offensive language, Mikey's online shows, ABSO's 25th reunion, the Pop Tart Story, Monster Cereals, cereal stories, and other things...

Episode 083 - That's So Ty

In a rare 4 beer show Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, and Ty taste Burlington Beer Co. Chasing Rabbits, Fiddlehead IPA, and Alchemist's Focal Banger and Crusher while discussing beers to pair with PB&J, saving babies, same sex marriages, drinking locally, slinging cats, state's rights, speed limits, shower beers, shower bacon, other shower activity, baths vs showers, the difference between brewpubs and production breweries, talking behind Ty's back, and other stuff. Cheers!

Episode 080 - My Spirit Animal is A Toddler

Mikey and Jody taste Leaky Roof's High Dry and Dusty, B Cider's The Dude's Rug, and Ommegang's Rosetta while Jody's “favorite product” curse, cats, listener feedback, the Drunk Dial Hotline, the mistake of looking up pictures of the voices of your favorite podcasts, Dr. Demento, Timehop, Geocentric memories, Slim Jims, toddler tantrums, pies, paying for sex, and other things...