Episode 006 - Friday the 13th

Mikey, Randy, and Ty taste Alesmith's Wee Heavy, Three Floyd's BackmasKing, and Bootlegger's Black Phoenix Chipotle Coffee Ale. They discuss superstitions (because of the impending Friday the 13th) and travel back to May of 1980 in honor of the release of the original Friday the 13th movie (Harry Truman vs. Mt. St. Helens, KISS' solo albums. BJ & The Bear's Sheriff Lobo, and Mikey's predilection for Erin Grey.) Stories include Moon Pie memories, Mikey's KISS Solo Album experience, Ty recalls Brion Fickle's Gene Simmons story, How Mikey has still never seen (all of) Friday the 13th, Mikey's friend Adam convinces 3 people to see a movie none of them want to see—with concessions!--Randy remembers Poltergeist, and Ty's adolescent double feature disaster.