Episode 115 - Skullduggery In The Beer Aisle

Mikey, Jarrod, and Bill taste Fathead's Trailhead Pale, MadTree's PsycHOPathy IPA, and The Guardian's The Rez IPA, and discuss the merits of saying no vs. saying maybe, Easter egg hunt tricks and tactics, brewing beer with fruit, avoiding birthdays, skullduggery in the beer aisle, the excitement of a new beer becoming available in your market, Jarrod and Aaron's drunken Knoxville pool adventure, putting your creative process on display, when your wife gets drunk with your ex-wife, how Mikey got Jarrod fat, Mikey creates a new mixed drink: the Palindrome, sandwich beers, Jarrod tries to ransom Ty, Mikey puts a price on ending the BPTM, and more!