Episode 114 - Purmple Muffets

Mikey, Randy, Jarrod, and Vinny taste Old Firehouse Brewery's Pinup Girl, Moeller Brew Barn's Honeywagon IPA, and Latitude 42's Lucifer's Cuvee and discuss downtown development, the changing music scene, hair catching fire, Minnow the unkillable cat and his Lazurus Pit, Mikey gets paid overtime—AGAIN--and gets invited to a wedding, Dan Ackroyd's wedding RSVP, Maid Rite sandwiches, mispronouncing common words, meeting Lou Ferrigno, Howdy Doody, Ned Flanders, & Mikey's dad, what a cuvée is, how incredibly important it is to talk to your older relatives and get the stories that create the tapestry of your lives while they're still here, and how hard it can be to do that sometimes.